Our Story

For over 10 straight years we've been making real custom solid gold jewelry in NYC. Based in the heart of the Diamond District NYC, shop our collection of over 3,000 real gold jewelry pieces online with confidence. 💎

From custom grills and diamond rings to Jesus pieces and cuban link chains, our trusted jewelers have been hand designing only the finest quality gold and diamond jewelry in the hip hop game since 2005.

Art of Jewelry Making

The entire process starts with designers researching and sketching out the latest in trending and classic hip hop jewelry styles.
Computer drawings and illustrations are entered and reviewed by designers for approval. A wax model is then made to confirm the 3D design.
Gold jewelry pieces are produced in multiple sizes based on the wax model. Diamond stones are later hand-set into the finished gold jewelry.

Shop real gold hip hop jewelry at the best prices guaranteed straight from the diamond district. 💯

Hip-Hop Gold Jewelry

Hip hop jewelry will always be at the heart of what we do. Since the start we’ve lead the way in designing gold jewelry that creates trends yet stays true to the culture.

Custom-Made Jewelry

Whatever out-of-this-world custom design you have, our master jewelers can hand craft it into a beautiful gold diamond jewelry piece for you to value forever.