Types of Gold Link Chains
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Types of Gold Link Chains

There are more styles of gold link chains than you can even imagine, and each of them looks nice for special purposes. Which gold chains are best and why? We offer you the rundown here:


Alternating oval and round links which have alternating vertical and horizontal links. Each link has a horizontal bar across it, making the chain type very sturdy, but also interesting and flexible. This type is also called Anchor. See Figaro for a variation. Very popular with men.

Moon Cut 

Small gold beads with connector bars in between the beads or strung close together. Dog tag or other pendants may be attached.


Open four-sided metal boxes connected by wire loops look very elegant for women’s bracelets. For men, the gold chain is larger and thicker. Great statement pieces.


Woven hollow tubes with a domed surface closely linked to form a maze-like gold chain.


Just what you would expect for a cable – the gold links are oval and delicate. They look great with a diamond pendant.

Closed Link 

Used for precious metals like 14k gold, this chain type is soldered at every join.


Circular gold rings form this classic type of chain, which features tiny indentations which allow the chain to lie flat. This type is very suitable for men in the thicker style. Smaller chains can pair with pendants. Some have a diamond cut or are twisted to reflect more light. Also known as Cuban. 


Like the curb chain, Figaro has a feature that allows the gold chain to lie flat, although the rings are circular. The rings vary in size, unlike the curb. It can be worn by men or women.


Similar to the mariner chain, Figarucci has longer gold links giving the appearance of lace.


Two rows of oval rings are connected by flat gold rings, giving the impression of a fox’s tail.


Capable of supporting heavy pendants, the Franco chain is thick with V-shaped solid gold links.


Similar to the mariner chain, but here the gold puffed-style links are rounded. A smaller one is suitable for pendants; a thicker one for a bold statement.


Flat, V-shaped gold links alternate, creating a herringbone pattern.


Each gold chain link in this type is at a 90-degree angle to the next. Oval and round links alternate.


The mesh base of the Omega has gold plates crimped to its surface. It can be produced in flat or round versions.


Just as you would think, the gold chain resembles a railroad track.


Similar to a cable chain, Rolo links are smaller and thicker. They can be oval or round. The gold link is flat on the inside, making it especially suitable for charm bracelets. Also called Belcher, the chain is popular with men in the thicker style, with the thinner style more suitable for women.


Gold links are woven together like a rope. Each gold link is joined by a tiny hinge, so it’s not overly flexible. Heavy rope chains can make a statement all by themselves, or smaller, more delicate ones can sport a diamond pendant.          


This chain gets its name from the equestrian world. The points on riders’ jackets are known as shadbelly points. So this type of chain has similar points closely woven together.


Similar to the curb, the Singapore is composed of braided and twisted gold fibers. Strong and elegant, it’s very suitable for pendants.


The chain gives the appearance of a snake skin with its closely fitted rings. It looks very delicate and is a great choice for diamond pendants.


Woven small gold links resemble stalks of wheat. This type of chain is well suited to diamond pendant wear.

It comes down to personal preference in the end. Each gold chain has its attractions, so it’s large in the eye of the beholder. That’s you!