The Truth About Replica Rolex Watches
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The Truth About Replica Rolex Watches

You love Rolex watches! Ever since you saw that real one Jay-Z was wearing onstage. You’d be hard pressed to find a used Rolex under $5,000, and you’d have to empty your own piggy bank, as well as your wife’s and your baby daughter’s, to get your hands on it. So, on second thought, maybe not.

What about a replica, otherwise known as a fake? You could probably snag one on the street for a couple of Benjamins. Would it be worth it? It depends.

Would It Fool Anybody?

Is that what you are trying to do? Fool people?

Not really; you just want people to know you’re in the know, that you’re hip, cool and down with it. So, yes, it’s a poor man’s status symbol.

And that’s who you want to impress? Poor people? I’m sorry, I had to say that. No, you’re not going to fool people who are in the know. Simple as that.

What If You Just Want to See It on Your Wrist?

Okay, here’s the deal. Know up front that you are going to be wearing a fake. It will say Rolex, but it won’t be. Tell people if they ask, or even if they don’t ask, that it isn’t a real Rolex. It’s better than having them think it and not say it.

You can even tell them a story, like “Yeah, I’m saving up for the real thing.” Or just maybe you’re like the guy who collected yachts and was wearing a fake Rolex. When asked why, he explained his kids gave it to him and he couldn’t disappoint them.

And one more thing! Fake watches are unlawful. You can’t just put the name on any old watch and say it’s a Rolex just because the name is on it. But that’s exactly what’s happening in the replica market.

Okay, enough ranting. Let’s get to some facts about replica watches.

Rolex Replicas Made in Asia

That is where the majority of these replicas come from. They are manufactured on outdated equipment that legitimate watchmakers stopped using long ago. So they are most likely not going to be as good as a legit watch you could buy for the same money.

Aren’t There Some Legitimate Replicas?

Yes. They are called “homage” watches. These are intended to copy as closely as possible a vintage or antique timepiece that is no longer available from the original manufacturer. These watches are produced with a reasonably high quality but don’t have the brand name of the original on them. They are not fake, in the sense that they are not trying to be something they are not.

Any Other Options?

Yes, there are. Watches sold on the “gray” market, as opposed to the white or black markets, are not counterfeit. These watches may have been pre-owned or sold from one dealer to another. They definitely don’t come with a warranty, but they are high quality. You just need to know that service may be a problem when the watch needs repair. The discounts for gray market watches can run as high as 60%. There appears to be a glut on the watch market right now, so this may be an option for you.

Better Yet

You could stop by your local jewelry store and see of they can make a good deal for you. Perhaps there’s a genuine Rolex watch in there that has your name on it!