How to Recognize Your Diamond After The Jewelry Store
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How to Recognize Your Diamond After The Jewelry Store

Sometimes you just want to be sure you get the same diamond back when you have left it at the jeweler’s for repair. Heaven forbid they substitute a worthless piece of glass for your precious diamond! It shouldn’t happen with a reputable jewelry store. They certainly wouldn’t want to risk their reputation, but it has happened.

There are ways to recognize your diamond. It is unique, mainly due to its flaws, some of which you may need a jeweler’s loupe to see. You probably have papers describing various aspects of the gemstone, as well.

Examine Your Diamond

Start by closely examining your ring. Does it have any chips or blemishes visible to the naked eye? Can you see into the interior of the stone and detect any unique characteristics such as a mark or spot? You can actually draw these marks and blemishes out on paper, so you can compare later. Some may have these spots already marked in the certification papers that came with the purchase. The paper is called a “plot”.

Weigh your diamond

You will need a very exact scale to weigh the diamond. You don’t want to weigh the setting, in case it has to be changed while at the jewelers, so you will need to remove the stone from its setting. The exact weight in carats can be recorded along with the plot, to give a further mode of identification.

Look for the Identification Number

Some diamonds have a number inscribed on the girdle. You will need a jeweler’s loupe to see it, or a fancier viewer, but it is worth looking for, as it is a unique identifier. If you find it, ask the jeweler to make sure it is visible after the repair so you can check it.

If your diamond doesn’t have an inscription, you can take it to a grading lab and have them put one on.

Your peace of mind is worth it. It’s one less thing to worry about, and you will feel more confident taking your ring in for repair knowing you can positively identify it when you get it back.