Buying 10k Gold Chains and Jewelry
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Buying 10k Gold Chains and Jewelry

You may wonder what quality of gold jewelry you should buy. And the answer is, it depends on your purpose, and how the jewelry will be used or worn.

What Are the Best Uses of 10K Gold?

10k gold is the lowest purity of gold that can legally be sold as gold. It has 10 parts gold out of a possible 24 parts, or 41.67% pure gold. The other 58.33% consists of other, more durable metals. Pure 24k gold is very soft and is not suitable for making costume jewelry.

So, with that said, the advantages of using 10k gold in a piece of jewelry is that it is quite durable. If you’re wanting a bracelet, let’s say, or a ring, the wear and tear on the piece might be considerable, so a 10k setting would help it to last longer because of its hardness and resistance to damage.

If, on the other hand, you are buying a pair of earrings or a piece of jewelry to wear occasionally, you will probably be safe in choosing a higher karat. The main advantage of the higher karat is that it may have more gold color because of the higher content of pure gold.

What About Price?

Generally speaking, you will pay less for a 10k piece of jewelry than a higher karat, so if price is an important consideration, you can find many beautiful pieces of jewelry that are affordable. If you can afford a higher karat, and you like the piece better, then you should choose it. This comes down to personal preference in the end, but it stands to reason that the more gold the article contains, the higher the price tag.

Are You Allergic to Nickel?

Nickel is often used in lower-karat gold jewelry. It is also very allergenic, so if you are an allergic person in general, it may be wise to stay away from 10K jewelry and buy a higher karat. You should always ask the seller about the nickel content of the piece, as well as their return policy.

Now, when you are shopping for that special piece of jewelry, you will be better informed about what you are buying.